I got tagged by the most excellent Tracey @ Adventure Awaits, which was very well-timed because FINALS ARE UPON US! I have 3 lectures tomorrow, two days to cram my head as full of knowledge as possible, and then… it begins.


Anyways, on to the tag! The rules are simple: seven fun facts about yours truly, and then fifteen tags to other great blogs. I am a rebel and also still a fledgling blog so I will just tag three.


  1. I am a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan. If you’ve been around this blog for any amount of time, you probably already know this. I also am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Basically I just listed for you my top favourite fantasy series. It’s late and I’m tired, don’t judge.
  2. My favourite numbers are 342, 432, and 72. Because 342 and 72 roll off the tongue nicely and 432 looks very pretty. And also numbers are cool.
  3. I love the smell of young puppies. My residence Dons just recently got a german shepherd pup and she is the most adorable thing in the whole world, and part of the first floor now has that puppy smell and it makes me very happy.
  4. My all-time favourite STANDALONE book (thus far) is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke. I discovered it through bookTube, but I can’t remember which channel recommended it. o.O

    My all-time favourite and my long-standing TBR, side by side (the bookmark has moved since this was taken). 🙂
  5. I have been attempting to work my way through Moby Dick by Herman Melville for nearly 10 years now. (And I am so excited for the movie that is coming out!!!! Though it looks like they added a bit more plot to the story…)
  6. I love the ocean and wide open spaces with lots of sky.
  7. My sisters and I at one point could quote the entirety of the Emperor’s New Groove, and still randomly quote parts of it at each other.


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And anyone else who wants to do it! 😀