[Written in the airport on the way home, so please excuse any over-tired ramblings. 🙂 ]

I’m happy to announce that I have survived my first ever semester at university! YAY! I feel like I haven’t really done a proper monthly wrap-up thing for a looooong time, but on the other hand, what is there (in the book and writing departments) to wrap up? Not much, honestly. I have read maybe 100 pages of Moby Dick (woot woot progress!) and written, oh, 3000 words total in my various WIPs. To be fair, when they tell you that university is like a full-time job, ie a 40-hour work week, they are LYING. University is a full-time job, ie it’s the only thing you do. Everything else is a study break.

I did, however, join the Creative Writing Society on campus, which was super fun. We met for about an hour once a week and generally wrote a short story in 2-15 minutes using a prompt, and then shared what we’d written with each other. It was a boatload of fun. At the first few meetings I was super nervous to share what I’d written, but then it got easier. I really enjoyed hearing what other people had done with their prompts, too, and often they would be really amusing and the meetings were just generally a lot of fun. Very good for the brain to take a break from numbers and do words instead.

I was planning on doing the Beautiful Books linkup this month, but seeing as the last thing I edited was way back in July, I don’t really have answers that work with the questions. Except the last one: writing goals for 2016.

And here they are:

Over Christmas break, I want to write every day. I have two story drafts on the go right now and I keep flip-flopping between them. The great thing about that is that if I get stuck in one I can just switch to the other, and vice versa. So yes, words will happen each day this break. (Excepting, of course, those crazy days with big family reunions all day and so no time for writing. Family comes first when you only see them a few times a year!)

As for the rest of 2016 (and I’m only thinking ahead until the end of semester 2 here), I want to write a little every Sunday. In general I try not to do homework on Sundays to give myself a one-day break from all the craziness, but sometimes there is just too much going on to take a full day off *cough cough exam week cough* Writing can be frustrating, but it is also a great way to totally change pace and de-stress.

And, since this is what I really have on my mind to share with you all, and since this is my blog, this is what I was doing while I was NOT reading and writing and doing whatever the rest of the magical book bloggers do.

In the order of the exams I wrote this past week:

Psychology: Brains are complicated and strange. If part of it is missing, stuff can go very wrong in very strange ways. Learning is not as straightforward or as controllable as I thought, but then again behaviour can be altered in very simple and controlled ways. Don’t trust you memory, it is probably lying to you.

Chemistry: ALL THE ELECTRONS IN ALL THE SHELLS! They make cool shapes and interact in cool ways and it’s so crazy to learn about it and then realize that absolutely everything exists1 because of the electrostatic interactions that hold matter together. Mind = blown.

Calculus: Integration is fun! (excepting that one stupid question on the exam…) Derivative of a position-time graph is velocity. Area under an acceleration graph is velocity. All the numbers!

Computer Science: There is a lot  of irony in my liking this course, because after take-your-kid-to-work day in grade 9, I swore I would never ever ever do anything with computers. Dad’s job was just so boring! And here I am, 6 (is it really 6?!?!?!)2 years later, having so much fun learning how to write code and realizing that my brain and computers can actually work together! Who’da thunk?

Physics: Physics is phun!3 Stuff moves in really complicated ways and the people who came up with all these formulas and laws were geniuses! Also, DC circuit diagrams and Kirchoff’s laws are great. So long as you don’t mess up the substitutions in your formulas, you are golden.

And that, my friends is my semester in a nutshell.

How has your fall 2015 been? What are your goals for the new year? 😀

1Just to clarify, everything exists because God made it. God made electrons and protons and neutrons, and it is really cool!

2It’s actually 5. I can count, I swear.

3Flashbacks to grade 11 physics class. So many good memories!