This is the fourth piece in my creative writing portfolio. I wrote the original draft back in high school. I used to do my homework in the den in the afternoons when my mom taught piano, and since it had a west-facing window, I got to watch a lot a beautiful sunsets. This was the result of a bit of procrastination and melancholy.


If there were words

Or a song I could sing

To say just how beautiful you are


I would say them all

Sing them all

Just for you


Ruby skies

Fade to blue

I see now

As the light fades

That all along it was you


There is a fire

In the sky

Clouds of flame dance

Purple and rose

If I could bend time

To make the evening linger

I’d keep this sky



The day’s last colour

Has turned to ink

A swift blush of rose

On the eye of my memory

Is all that remains

To tell of the sky

You painted for me


Silhouetted trees

Have dropped their leaves

I see now

After the leaves fall

That all along it was you


Above the clouds

The stars still shine

The sun has set

But a new day dawns

For someone somewhere