Since I’m back home for the summer and trying to blog regularly again, I thought it was high time to bring back the monthly wrap-ups! So here, dear readers is what I got up to in May!

Life Things

May started off with a really awesome retreat run by Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. It’s called MarkEast, and IVCF groups from all over the Maritimes gathered at a camp in New Brunswick to do a week-long intensive study of the gospel Mark. I was in Mark1, which is for newbies to MarkEast, and we covered the first half of Mark. I learned so much about Jesus, the Bible, and myself over the week, and had some really great moments with God and with my IVCF friends. If you ever get a chance to do a Mark camp (they are run in the spring all over the country, and all over the world) I would highly recommend it!

I also moved into my new house which I will be renting for the coming school year with four other friends. It is so perfect and I’m so excited to live there! Plus, I feel like a Real Adult renting my own place and paying bills and buying groceries and all that. 😛

Then I flew back to where I grew up. This summer I have a really awesome job at the local university as a research assistant in the psychology department. I’m working on developing a system for classifying different types of child directed speech, and so far I have been loving it. My colleagues and supervisor are super nice and helpful, and I get to work at my own pace on my own schedule. I’ve read a lot of really interesting articles about language development in children. And mostly I listen to naturalistic recordings of caregivers interacting with babies, which is super cute. I also get to babysit some of the kids whose younger siblings have come in to the lab to participate in the perceptual studies that some other students are running. Overall, it is an awesome job, and I am loving every minute of it!

I also am biking to work almost every day, which takes 50mins to an hour one way, and have joined an ultimate frisbee team that plays once a week. It’s been great getting so much exercise, I think it really does help with my mental health. 🙂

Bookish Things

I have read so many Discworld books since the end of the semester! I might have a bit of a problem…

Thud! by Terry Pratchett

Sam Vimes, now a reformed alcoholic, father, husband, and kick-butt commander of the Ank-Morpok city watch, (oh and also a duke) has to stop a war between the Dwarves and the Trolls. He is sarcastic and brilliant, and the world is so fun to read! I love Pratchett’s writing style and how he sometimes breaks the fourth wall.

Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Moist Von Lipwig is perhaps the best con-artist in the city. And he’s in charge of running the Royal Bank? Hilarity ensues. Honestly I love Moist so much! He is always getting himself into trouble, and it is such a fun ride watching him run his mouth and get himself back out of trouble again. Definitely read the first book in the Moist arc, Going Postal, first though.


Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

This happens chronologically before Thud! but I read it after, which honestly did not take away any of my enjoyment of the book. There are so many hilarious and ridiculous things that happen, but also some sad and heavier stuff, too. It was nice to see the characters I love taking things seriously and having some emotional depth. Absolutely brilliant book!

Film Things

I also watched a lot of TV and movies:D

Star Trek the Next Generation

I’ve been watching an episode of Star Trek a few nights a week with my dad. It’s really fun to see some of the original material, since I’d only seen the remake movies. Sometimes the acting and effects aren’t the best, but I still really enjoy the show.

Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

This. Movie. Was. Amazing! Watch it now! (unless you haven’t seen the first one, in which case, go watch it, and then watch this one. They are both so good!)


Mission Impossible 1 and 3

I stumbled across these on Netflix when I was home alone the other evening, and they were really fun! I especially liked the first one, with all the “high-tech” 90’s technology. Floppy discs! Ooooh!

Writing Things

I have not gotten back into a good writing groove yet, but I still have lots of summer left to write. I did a lot of world-building for my current WIP, Peganina, and even drew a fancy map of the world!

IMG_6999 copy

I hope to get a bit more writing done in June, so we shall see what happens with that.

Let’s Chat!

How was your month of May? Did you read any good books or watch any good movies or shows? Tell me below in the comments!