You may recall from this post that I wanted to get a portfolio ready to apply for a Creative Writing Seminar at university for the coming school year. My plans for getting that portfolio ready were scuppered by stress, and by the time reading week rolled around I had accepted that I wouldn’t be ready in time for the submission date (which at that point was vaguely defined as the end of April/ early May).

Finals happened, and my writing plans took a back back seat. Then I moved out of residence and into my own house (ack I have a house!!!), which was a crazy fun time but also a little stressful. Then came course registrations. The times of some of my courses changed, which messed up my whole schedule, and suddenly I had space for one more course each semester, and my Friday afternoons were free, and the Creative Writing seminar was on Friday afternoons, so in a rush of excitement that maybe I could be in the seminar next year, I went to the website to find out about applying. I was devastated to find that the due date had passed. I’d missed it by about two weeks.

I nearly cried, having got my hopes up to get them dashed like that. But I emailed the professor in charge of the applications and explained that I had missed the deadline but was very interested in the course, and asked if I could apply late. She emailed back that same day and said that if I had a portfolio ready to submit, I could still submit it.

I gave myself until the next day to get my portfolio ready – six or more pieces of my “best work” and a cover letter explaining why I wanted to take the seminar. Suffice to say that that evening was spent editing and editing and editing some more. It was hard work, but I also felt really happy while doing it.

I submitted the portfolio the next morning, and then several agonizing days later (actually it was like two days, but it felt like forever) I got an email back saying I had been accepted to the course!

I am so excited about it! When I found out I got in, I did a little happy dance and my roommate laughed at me. 😛

Putting together the portfolio means that I now have several pieces of writing that are reasonably well-polished. And getting in to the course means that I need to build my confidence in sharing my writing with others, since that is pretty much what the seminar is.

Soooo… for the next several weeks, on alternate Sundays, I’ll be sharing a piece from my portfolio with you guys. You have all been so supportive of me and my writing endeavours, and blogging has been very influential in my writerly life, so thank you all for making my literary adventures amazing thus far!

I hope you enjoy reading my work 😀