Hello dearest readers!

Sorry for the long silence here on the blog! Turns out second year of university is much busier than first year (I honestly hadn’t thought it was possible to be more busy than I was last year, but turns out I was wrong).

But I have finally got my act together (aka I don’t have midterms for a solid two weeks) and have found some free time to ramble at you all for a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since we last talked, I have read Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett (which, by the way, is a sidesplittingly hilarious work of art), developed a mild addiction to Brooklyn-99 (not helped by my neighbour’s Netflix account), and done a LOT of studying.

As for writing, it just hasn’t been happening lately. I find that by the time Sunday rolls around, which is the one day that I tell myself I am NOT ALLOWED to do work, I am often too tired for the critical thinking writing requires, or I am out having fun with friends, or a hundred other things that aren’t blogging or working on my various writing projects.

And honestly, that’s ok.ย Life is busy, and blogging regularly is something that I just have to accept won’t happen this year.


Let’s chat! How has the start of your “school year” been? What great books have you read lately?