Hello my dear sweet neglected blog! I know this is rather late, seeing as it is now two days into July, but here is my first ever monthly wrap-up! Which I have decided to call Incidents and Accidents after a line in a Paul Simon song.

What I Read:

Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke

This is a quick read which I would recommend to young people and new christians. He offers some deep truths through sharing his own journey with Jesus, shares his frustrations with current ‘lukewarm christian’ culture, and challenges the reader to take their beliefs and really live them out in practical, day-to-day living. 3.5/5 stars.

Winter by Marissa Meyer

This was a really fantastic finale to the Lunar Chronicles. Cinder is still my absolute favourite character in the series, she is so kick-butt and awesome. I also loved Winter, and Iko, and the whole crew. My only quibble with it is that the very ending felt a bit rushed. 5/5 stars, if you haven’t read this series yet, you should do so right now.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

This book totally blew me away. Don’t be scared off by the frilly cover or the fact that it is historical fiction, if those things aren’t your jam. This is the kind of book that I think everyone should read. I felt that it really opened my eyes to understanding just how bad the racism was in the States in the sixties, and also helped me understand the background of modern racism today. It’s an addictive read, and a good mixture of sweet and sad and funny and intense. 4.5/5 stars.

Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch

This book took me a while to get through, as it is kind of a hulking beast at over 700 pages. The first third of the book I found a little slow, personally, but once I got through that the pace never stopped and it was a really fun read and a fantastic follow-up to The Lies of Locke Lamora. 4/5 stars.

Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

This trilogy grew on me as I read. The first book was alright, reminded me quite a lot of the hunger games. The second book was even better, and so far the third book has blown me out of the water with its awesomeness. Series review coming soon! 4/5 stars.

Demigods and Magicians by Rick Riordan

This is a fun collection of three short stories that answer the question “What would happen if Percy and Annabeth met the Kane siblings?” It was a fun read, but there wasn’t much substance to the stories. 2.5/5 stars.

What I Watched:

Finding Dory

It was great! Though I will always love Finding Nemo more, this movie was very sweet and a satisfying sequel. The animation was unbelievable, and I would recommend you go see it if only for that. Baby Dory is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Though the character arcs for Marlin and Nemo were not as drastic as they are in the first movie, I felt the overall plot was solid, and they managed to write some pretty hilarious new jokes. The movie didn’t feel like a recycled version of Finding Nemo to me, which was nice as that was one of my fears going in. I also liked their treatment of mental heath and thought they offered a positive and inclusive representation of people living with a mental disorder. Overall, 4/5 stars, definitely would recommend to viewers of all ages.

What I Wrote:

Not very much…

I wrote two blog posts (links here and here), and about 2000 words in my current WIP.

What I Did:

I put in a lot of hours at my summer job, which wrapped up June 30. I went to the Bridge Drive In for ice-cream with my friends. I learned to play a bunch of songs on the Ukulele. I baked and picked strawberries and wasted time on the internet. It was a pretty good, albeit rainy, June.


So dearest readers, how were your Junes? Did you enjoy any sunny weather and eat some good good ice cream? Tell me below in the comments!