Who knew that a full-time job could take up so much, well, time! Sorry for the unplanned blogging hiatus, dearest readers. I’m glad to say that I’m back for another exciting instalment of Beautiful People, hosted by Cait and Skye. This month we’re delving in to the deep, dark childhoods of our beloved characters. And I must say that Hunter Wright, co-main character of my current work-in-progress has been in need of some character development lately…

1. What is his first childhood memory?

Playing in the sprinkler in the backyard with his mom and grammy when he was three.

2. What were his best and worst childhood experiences?

BEST: Making the Junior Varsity football team at school in grade seven. He was one of the few younger boys to make the cut, and he was really excited about it.

WORST: When his grammy, who lived with them, passed away when he was eleven. He was devastated by the loss, and it sparked in him the fear that he would one day loose his mother, too.

3. What was his childhood home like?

He was the only child of a single mom, so things were pretty quiet at home. His mom was a nurse, and she worked a lot of odd hours. When she was working his grammy took care of him. Since he had such a small family, he had friends over a lot of the time, especially after he and Sydney became best friends.

4. What’s something that scared him as a child?

He was afraid of the dark spaces under furniture, especially under his bed, because he thought there were monsters lurking there.

5. Who did he look up to most?

He admired his mother, especially as he got older and realized just how much she had sacrificed for him.

6. Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?

FAVOURITE: Almost anything that could be eaten with ketchup. He loved ketchup so much his mom would joke that he’d drink it straight from the squeeze bottle if he could.

LEAST FAVOURITE: Raisins. He hated the texture and said they looked and tasted like rabbit poop.

7. If he had his childhood again, would he change anything?

He would keep his grammy from dying, if he could. Aside from that, though, he wouldn’t change anything. All things considered he had a happy, normal childhood.

8. What kind of child was he? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

He was a bit of a wild child when he was small. Very active and always running around doing something. As he got older, he focused all his pent-up energy into sports, especially football.

9. What were his relationships with his parents and siblings like?

No siblings, but he had a good relationship with his mom. They both loved each other and got along quite well.

10. What did he want to be when he grew up, and what did he actually become?

For most of his childhood, he wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. As to what he actually became, hold your horses! He’s not all grown up yet!


How have you been in my absence, lovely readers? I hope you are all having a fantastic start to the summer! Do you know what your first childhood memory is? Tell be below in the comments!