Plain Kate by Erin Bow

This was a beautifully written book, a quick and easy read that went places I did not expect. Bow expertly crafts a vivid tale about a loveable and strong orphan, set in a vivid and complex fantastical world. I had no trouble at all jumping into the story, and since it is quite a short book – barely over 300 pages – I read it almost entirely in one sitting. I would recommend this to anyone (or anyone with a younger sibling/cousin/etc) looking for characters that seem to leap off the page, laugh-out-loud humour, mystery, and magic.

4/5 stars


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I read the first chapter of this book, then got bored and put it down, with no intention of finishing it. From what little of it I had read I was just not in the mood for an entitled, whiny, and arrogant protagonist with mommy issues. Then later I was even more bored, so I picked it up again, and much to my surprise, it actually got pretty good. I really enjoyed the middle third of the book, with all the action and adventure and time travel. Lots of fun. All in all I thought this book was passable, but not Bracken’s best work (TDM definitely wins there), and would mildly recommend it if you’re seeking a YA fantasy novel with a fun plot and not too much kissing (though there are one or two pg-13 scenes (barf)).

2.5/5 stars


Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute by Jonathan L. Howard

This is my favourite Johannes Cabal novel yet! Read my reviews of book one here (The review that I thought I had written for book two, apparently never actually got written, so there you go). While I have not read H. P. Lovecraft’s original version of The Dreamlands, I absolutely loved Howard’s Dreamlands. Cabal is just as sarcastic and hilarious as he was in the first two instalments in the series, and the plot is more twisted than a Monkey’s Fist. Basically, if you love sarcasm and dark humour with a healthy dose of magic, you will love this book (but read the first two first or you will be confused!!).

5/5 stars


The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Recommended to me by the same friend who introduced me to Johannes Cabal, the Lies of Locke Lamora is hilarious and intense and pretty much the best book I’ve read all month. Locke is a very endearing antihero, and him and his entire gang are side-splittingly funny. This book comes with a language warning, however, and is definitely an adult book because of it. Recommended to people who love fantasy, heists, and a great steaming pile of sarcasm.

4.5/5 stars


Have you read any of these books? Do you also love very sarcastic characters? What is the best book you have read thus far this May? Tell me below in the comments!