O neglected blog!

So sad, alone, and empty.

Left behind in the dust of the student race,

doomed to remain without an update

until your author learns to integrate

sine and cosine, secant and tangent,

by parts and by partial fractions,

off to the limits of infinity.


O neglected blog friends!

Left without a clue as to why

that random blogger who comments sometimes

has disappeared without a trace.

The reason is simple (or maybe it’s not),

but until that fly-by blogger learns

that the sum of all torques is zero,

absent she will remain.


O neglected writing!

Itching always at the back of her mind.

Unwritten you will be,

until your author learns

to put semicolons after each command

and define her variables by their type,

to read her psychology textbook,

and to understand the difference

between enthalpy and entropy.


O the life of a student!

Semesters flying past at a break-neck pace,

lectures longer than the Canadian winter.

That crazy juggling act

between school and everything else.

We call it life.

And though sometimes

she doesn’t think she can pull it off,

she still laughs,

because it is beautiful.