Well, dear readers, the time has come. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The…img_0624

… woah, hold on! This post is not nearly as melodramatic as all that! This week I am pumped because we had the first meeting of my university’s small Creative Writing Society of 2016! The CWS is great, and if you have an opportunity to join (or start!) one, I would highly recommend it.

We are a group of about 8 people who get together for a little over an hour once a week to write. Generally we pull writing prompts from a big bowl or hat, write furiously for two to fifteen minutes, and then share what we came up with. And we have cookies! It is a lot of fun, and a very great environment, because there is no pressure to
write something amazing – how could you in such a short time? There is a running joke about cats and hats and a man named Doug who has probably died and been resurrected at least three times. I find the
CWS is also a really great way to de-stress partway through a busy week, especially since it uses a completely different part of my brain than studying does.

But now, after all the times I’ve told people that sharing my writing in the group meetings has boosted my confidence and so on, it is time to put that to the test! Yes, this is a (lightly edited for spelling etc) ten-minute masterpiece by yours truly. Can you guess what the prompt I pulled said?

The sun paints the looming storm clouds a deep shade of maroon. They cap the foaming, steel-grey sea like a red-hot blanket. Stifling except for the howling wind. The wind! Blowing so hard you can hardly keep your footing as you tramp down the old trail that winds around the base of the cliffs. Ever dropping, down, down, right to the very edge of the forbidding rock, where the ocean throws itself in all its anger, a constant roar and rush and howl.

You stand, leaning into the wind, face painted red by the setting sun, and gaze out into the storm. Searching, perhaps, for the point just beyond the horizon, where the world ends and the universe begins. Wondering how this forgotten tumble of sharp rocks and sharper cliffs could ever have marked a safe harbour, a refuge for ships from the furious sea.

A siren’s refuge! Luring you in with the promise of good anchorage and shelter, only to betray you to the hidden reefs, or else dash you with the waves upon the cliffs’ feet.

The prompt was maroon.

In my defence I had read some Moby Dick that week and was really missing the ocean (which I realize is silly because I smi-permanently live closer to it now than I ever have in my life).

Are you part of a writing group? Are you thinking of joining one (you totally should if you have time!!)? Can you believe we’re only one week away from February?

P.S. If anyone from Mt.A ever happens across this blog… you should join the CWS! It is a boatload of fun! 😀