I am officially in the home stretch of my first semester of university. Less than three weeks until finals! One month today, I will be sitting under the Christmas tree in my own home, drinking bengal spice tea and petting my dog, with Steve Bell’s Christmas album playing softly in the background. I can hardly wait!

There is, however, a lot of life and studying that needs to happen between then and now (How will I fit all the science in my head? Magic, of course!), and sometimes life can be stressful. Students and non-students alike. So I thought today I would post some of my favourite pictures I’ve taken of nature this semester, partly because I don’t have time (yet again…) to write something long and insightful, and also partly because I think we could probably all use a long walk out to the Dykes with the sun setting and geese calling and a soft fall of snow. 🙂

So grab a mug of hot chocolate, put on some Iron and Wine (I recommend the album Our Endless Numbered Days), and sit back and enjoy the late fall weather as seen through the eyes of my iPhone camera.

The bridge’s reflection was so perfect it practically begged me to take a picture.
The entire sky was EVEN REDDER in real life.
It was really windy the day I took this, and the air was full of blowing cattail fluff.
The sun was catching a flurry across the bay and turning it pink – so cool! Also, note the tiny windmills in the distance.
A classic Sackville sunset. The far hill is covered in blueberry fields.

And now it’s time to get back to work. My physics assignment is calling me…

Happy winter, everyone!