AKA I’m over-tired and don’t want to wast time thinking up a good title.

So this past week, school happened. Which means blogging did not. But I have a morsel of time right now to write a blog post, and so that is what I will do.
There are so many insightful and reflective and philosophical posts I want to write but never seem to have the time, so this sad little life update shall have to do for now.
First things first, how have things been since the ice age when I last posted? Well, let me tell you!
I’ve been keeping quite busy with university – I’m taking all the science except biology this semester, which means a lot of three-hour labs and homework and trying to extract meaning from my incomprehensible calculus textbook (I swear that thing isn’t even written in English). This also means that I’ve written a grand total of 300 words in my Sleeping Beauty retelling, all of which I’m likely going to throw out because I came up with a Brilliant Plot Twist only after I finished writing for the day.
I also have moved into residence on my university campus. It’s really nice, much more personal space than I had when I was living on the Next Wave (the boat I lived on for 3 months during my gap year) and we have hot showers(!) which were also scarce during my boating adventures. The food is good, the weather has been unseasonably warm, and the landscape is simply gorgeous!

Favourite study spot so far. My school is basically Hogwarts.
Favourite study spot so far. My school is basically Hogwarts.

Annnd it’s now past my bedtime, so I guess that concludes my post. Sorry for the shortness and not book related-ness, but honestly I haven’t had time (and don’t expect to have time) for pleasure reading until at least November.

So how are your falls going? Back to school? Work? Do you, like me, appreciate having nice hot showers any time you want them? 😛