Hello dearest readers! Here is a lovely update from your friendly neighbourhood blogger:
I’m moving!
Very far away.
3291 km, to be exact.
And what will I be doing 3000 km away from home, you ask? University, of course.
As you can imagine, this move requires a lot of preparation and I’m trying my best not to be anxious about it. Hence the late and short blog post today.
But! I’m very excited to buy new school supplies and stuff for my dorm room, because I love shiny new pens and notebooks and organization-inducing boxes and folders. My mom and I braved the wild jungles of IKEA today, and I bought a desk lamp and sheets and a duvet cover and hangers. Woot woot!
I still plan on blogging regularly during school (one post a week surely won’t kill me…) though we shall see. I have thoroughly enjoyed my blogging experience these past few months, and I’d hate to give it up just as I feel I’m starting to make friends with all you lovely people.

Next time I post, it will be from my new home!