As a writer, I have a complicated relationship with the Blank Page. It begs to be filled with graceful, flowing, perfectly crafted prose. It is free and full of potential. On it I could choose to write anything, anything at all. There are no constraints holding me back when I sit down to fill it. But sometimes I feel daunted by the sheer Blankness. I feel pressure to write the most beautiful, insightful, and shiny piece of literature in the history of humankind. But what to write? Where do I start? The Blank Page doesn’t offer any answers. It just sits there and stares at me with its whiteness. Stupid, passive-aggressive page.

Today I am faced with a Blank Page. The first Blank Page of many that I hope to fill as I set out on my blogging adventure. But this page feels important. Fill me with your best work, it says. I’m the first impression readers will have of your blog. If I’m not perfect, nobody will read what you write, no matter how beautiful and shiny it is.

What a load of crap, I answer. I’m going to kick your egotistical Blankness in your proverbial pants so hard you won’t know what hit you. So shut up and listen, Blank Page, because I’m going to write what I want and you can’t tell me it’s not good enough for you.


My name is Sarah MacEwan. I live in Canada, where we have nine months of winter and three months of bad sledding. I like to write stories and read books. I can play the piano and the alto saxophone, and sometimes I paint. I also like science and math, and in the fall I will be going to university to study Cognitive Science.

I graduated high-school last June, and last September I did a six month Discipleship Training School with the organization Youth With A Mission. I spent three months living on a tall ship called the Next Wave learning about God, myself, my friends, and the art of grinding rust off the side of a boat without dropping anything into the ocean. The last three months of the school were missionary work in Albania and Newcastle, England. It was an amazing, life-changing trip, and it may or may not have had some influence on the title of this blog.

So why is this writer turned sailor turned undergrad student starting a blog? I’ve wanted to keep a blog for a while, mostly because I enjoy reading and reviewing books (and who better to share book reviews with than the Internet?), but I also found that keeping a travel blog while I was away (linked here) helped me put my thoughts together and tell people my adventures in a more coherent, in-depth format than Facebook chat or email. As to what you will find on here in future posts, time alone can tell. For now I plan on posting weekly with a book review or some sort of writerly ranting, but I’m sure I will branch out and post about other things, too.

Well, it turns out that this daunting Blank Page wasn’t so hard to fill after all. Please feel free to leave a comment, random thought, or post suggestion, and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner. I’d love to hear from you!

Sarah 1, Blank Page 0